Grinnell school board to make counter proposal to teachers’ union

The Grinnell-Newburg school district this evening will reveal its offer of salary and benefits to the union that represents Grinnell teachers.

The board will convene at five-45 to make a counter offer to the Grinnell-Newburg Education Association. The union made its pitch yesterday afternoon.

Typically, in private meetings, a compromise will be reached. If a compromise can’t be reached, an arbitrator will be brought in.

Influencing things is the one-point-one percent allowable growth approved by the legislature. Governor Branstad had called for two percent…and school administrators wanted four percent. The lower figure means the school district won’t be getting as much money as it claims it needs…money that could be used to pay teacher salaries.

The meeting will be this evening at five-45 in the school board room in Grinnell High School…and is open to the public.