Grinnell City Council to meet

The Grinnell City Council this evening will consider a resolution approving a contract for the provision of tourism marketing and visitor services between the city of Grinnell and the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce. In its proposal to the city, the Chamber points out that tourism is the intentional branding of a community…and it works hard to strategically increase awareness of Grinnell as a travel destination. Increased visitors to the city can bring economic prosperity to the community. The Chamber proposal concludes by stating continued city support will help the Chamber to work to promote Grinnell as a destination within the state of Iowa. The Chamber is asking for 26-thousand-500 dollars from the hotel-motel tax as a fee for services…and another nine-thousand-300 dollars for project development and promotions. The chamber pledges 30-thousand dollars in matching funds, with another nine-thousand-500 dollars from other partners.

The city council will also consider selling the empty lot at 1025 Center Street for the construction of a new house…and discuss the sign ordinance, cemetery clean-up rules, the cemetery road and solid waste collection days. Collection days would be reduced from four to three.

The council will also consider a request to remove the stop signs at 9th and Broad.

The Grinnell City Council will meet this evening at seven in the council chamber on the 2nd floor of City Hall in the Spaulding Building at 4th and Spring.