County Supervisors Discuss Annex Building And Invite County Health Board To Look At A Possible Temporary Location

This morning….the Jasper County Board of Supervisors tabled for one week, a vote on a possible temporary location for the Jasper County Public Health Department. By next week’s meeting…the County Board of Health is to look at the building and see if it will meet their needs. The proposed lease, drawn up by the building’s owner, is for 12-hundred dollars per month with gas, water, and electric paid. The building is at 114 West 4th Street South, directly across the street from the Newton Fire station. It’s owned by VanDee Incorporated. Board Chair Joe Brock is hesitant to move the Public Health Department out of the Annex basement without a clear idea of how much space they’re going to need in the near future, and without their input on the relocation.

Brock also cites two recent air quality reports indicating there is no health threat to employees in the basement as reasons why there’s not an urgent need to move the Public Health Department. He’s also still leery of the long-term costs of making the Annex a viable building for years to come. He believes that cost could reach a couple of million dollars.

Meanwhile….Supervisor Denny Carpenter voiced his strong opposition to putting up a new building for the offices at the Annex. He expects that to cost 4 to 6 million.

Supervisor Doug Cupples is focused on getting the Public Health Department Employees out of the basement, for their reassurance…and so the needed repairs can be evaluated better.

The Supervsors today agreed to use the architecture and engineering firm of Shive Hattery in West Des Moines to draw up plans for a possible renovation of the basement and entire Annex. They also agreed to purchase some air scrubbers for the Annex building.