Important information for Marshall County Tornado victims.

07/31/2018 8:15 am #13

Important Telephone Numbers

Emergency Management 641-754-6385
(updated information can be found on their Face Book)

City of Marshalltown
(see the website for all City related communication, click on City News)

American Red Cross Designated Tornado Number 800-340-4081


City of Marshalltown Face Book

Marshalltown Area United Way Face Book

Additional Telephone Numbers

Iowa Individual Assistance Grant Program
The Iowa Individual Assistance Grant Program provides up to $5,000 to individuals who meet income requirements and live in a state declared Disaster County.
Agency: Mid-Iowa Community Action Program
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

Iowa Individual Case Management Program
Anyone who has been involved a state declared disaster may talk with a Disaster Case Manager to address serious needs to overcome a disaster-related hardship, injury, or adverse conditions. Disaster Case Managers work with clients to create a disaster recovery plan and provide guidance, advice, and referral to obtain service or resources. There are no income eligibility criteria for this program.

NOTE: MICA will be at Anson Elementary School, 1016 S. 3rd Avenue, Marshalltown on
Tuesday July 31st: 9 am-4 pm Wednesday, August 1: 9 am-4 pm; Thursday, August 2: 9 am-4 pm; more updates will be posted on MICA website
Agency: Mid-Iowa Community Action Program
Phone: 641-752-7162
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

Small Business Administration

Low-interest federal disaster loans are available from the Small Business Association to businesses and residents affected by the tornado. Beginning Wed. Aug. 1st representatives will be on hand at the Disaster Loan Outreach Center to answer questions about SBA’s disaster loan program. The Outreach Center will be at the Fisher Community Center 709 S. Center St. It will open at 8 am on Wed. Aug.1st. Times are Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm.
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

Online Damage Assessment Tool
The City of Marshalltown is gathering information on properties impacted by the tornado to help determine where additional damage assessments are needed. There is an on-line form that can be completed and can be found on the City’s website. The link is as follows:…/Disaster-Damage-Reporting….

Emergency Relief Supplies
The American Red Cross will be distributing emergency relief supplies at two locations in Marshalltown from July 29 to July 29 from 9 am – 5 pm. They will be at the Hy-Vee at 802 South Center Street, The Iowa Army National Guard Readiness Center at 909 Summit Street. The Red Cross will be distributing plastic totes, tarps, rakes, shovels, and other items.
Agency: American Red Cross – Central Iowa Chapter
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

American Red Cross
American Red Cross representatives will be at the Fisher Community Center Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm
Agency: American Red Cross – Central Iowa Chapter
Phone: 800-340-4081 (dedicated phone number for Tornado victims)
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

American Red Cross is ensuring interpreters are available for the large Hispanic population in town at the Marshalltown Fire Station, 107 S. First Avenue.
Agency: American Red Cross – Central Iowa Chapter
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

Salvation Army – (their building was damaged)
Call the United Way offices for updates
Agency: Salvation Army – Marshalltown
The Salvation Army has moved all its services to the Thrift Store located at 232 N. 13th Street. The Thrift Store will be open Mon-Fri from 9 am-5 pm for food and casework assistance.
Phone is (641) 752-3084
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

Shelter is available at the YMCA, 108 Washington Street, Marshalltown (new location 7/20/18)
Agency: American Red Cross – Central Iowa Chapter
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

There is not more curfew.

Free Tree Drop-Off Begins At Compost Facility
The City of Marshalltown Compost Facility, 901 Woodland Street, will be open from morning to 8 pm until further notice for residents to drop off tree debris from the storm. The Compost Facility will not accept building materials or other non- compostable items. The Compost Facility is near its capacity, so please check the City’s website, or the City’s Facebook.

Garbage and Debris Drop Off
There is no longer a dumpster for public use at the 1st/Church Street, but people are encouraged to use the dumpster at Center and Grant Streets.

Volunteers – Wanting To Volunteer

Volunteers wanting to sign up to be a volunteer can go to the Volunteer Resource Center at the Fisher Community Center, 709 South Center Street,

Computer Not Accessible
• If a computer is not accessible, they can call Central Iowa RSVP at Phone: 515-733-4917.

Agency: Central Iowa RSVP
Phone: 515-733-4917
Taxonomy: Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers – If You Are Needing Volunteers
Contact United Way 2-1-1 at 1-866-469-2211 if a homeowner is in need of volunteers to assist them in cleanup efforts. People can also go to the link:
Agency: Central Iowa RSVP
Phone: 515-733-4917
Taxonomy: Volunteer Opportunities

Agencies Seeking Volunteers
For Agencies seeking volunteers to help them with their agency needs, post their volunteer opportunities at

Financial Donations
Financial donations can be made to:
• Marshalltown Area United Way has two funds they are collecting donations for. One is for the Lenox employees and the other is for the other individuals who have been affected by the tornado. Identify which donation fund you wish to contribute to and mail donation to Marshalltown Area United Way, 709 South Center Street, Suite 6, Marshalltown, IA 50158 or call (641) 752-4688.
Agency: Marshalltown Area United Way
Taxonomy: Charities/Grantmaking Organization
• Rebuild Marshalltown Fund – The Community Foundation of Marshall County has established a fund to support long-term rebuilding efforts and community needs in Marshalltown due to the tornado. Gifts to the Rebuild Marshalltown Fund will be used for the significant rebuilding that will be happening. Persons interesting in donating to this fund can give online at or checks can be mailed to: the Community Foundation of Marshall County, 11 North First Avenue, Marshalltown, IA 50158.
• To support the Marshalltown Central Business District can be done by going to the website, or make a check out to the “Marshalltown Main Street Partnership” and write “Downtown Tornado Recovery” and send it to Main Street Office, 16 E. Main Street, Suite 280, Marshalltown, IA 50158
• American Red Cross – Central Iowa Chapter, 2116 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50312 Phone: 800-340-4081
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services
• Salvation Army, 107 West Street, Marshalltown, IA 50158 Phone: 641-753-5236
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services
• Mid-Iowa Community Action Program (MiCA) set up a donation page on its website,, and the funds will go directly to help the families that were affected by the tornado. Money can be dropped off at the MICA office, 1001 S. 18th Avenue, Marshalltown. Donations can be sent through the mail at Marshalltown Family Tornado Relief, c/o Fiscal Department, 1001 S. 18th Ave, Marshalltown, IA 50158.
Agency: Mid-Iowa Community Action Agency (MICA)
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

NOTE: No information is available on material types of donations

Landfill Information
The landfill is accepting storm damage and it must be in a covered vehicle and there is no charge to storm damage residents. Saturday 9 am – 5 pm, Closed Sunday.
The Marshalltown Compost Facility will have hours of 8 am – 8 pm both Saturday and Sunday.
Agency: Marshall County Offices
Taxonomy: Disaster Debris Removal

Iowa Legal Aid
Iowa Legal Aid has representatives at the MARC Center. People needing help with various issues such as consumer, government benefits, lost immigration documents, housing (renters), housing (owners), and education issues can stop at the MARC Center for legal assistance.

Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) – AKA: Recovery Center NEW LOCATION
The MARC is moving and will reopen on Friday, July 27th, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. The Recovery Center will be located at the Fisher Community Center, 709 South Center Street. MARC will have various agencies available to assist persons.
Agency: American Red Cross – Central Iowa Chapter
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

Immigrant Allies of Marshalltown
Provides non-financial assistance to immigrants in finding resources and interpreters. Call the Marshalltown Library, 641-754-5738 and ask for someone with Immigrant Allies.

Counseling Services

Center Associates, 9 N 4th Avenue, Marshalltown
Phone: (641) 752-1585
Agency: Center Associates
Taxonomy: General Counseling Services

Lifelong Links (for Seniors 60+)
Phone: (866) 468-7887
Agency: Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging
Taxonomy: Senior Advocacy Group

Triumph Center (Mental Health) 300 W Main St

Bickford Cottage, 101 Newcastle Road, has availability both in Marshalltown as well as the Urbandale and West Des Moines branches for displaced seniors. Transportation and moving assistance is available to assist those in need. For more information, call Bianca Greazel, Director, at 641-328-9304 or 641-753-5700.

Glenwood Place is accommodating displaced seniors of Marshalltown. For more information, call Brook at Glenwood Place, 641-752-8410.

A sister company to Glenwood Place in Ankeny also has immediate availability, Edencrest of Siena Hills in Ankeny. They have immediate available apartments for Seniors in the affected area. They can provide transportation if needed. Call 641-752-8410.

Salvation Army and American Red Cross have mobile food trucks that are going around to the neighborhoods feeding people throughout the day. They are no longer at the Hy-Vee.
Agency: Salvation Army
Taxonomy: Disaster Relief Services

Emergency Food Box, 109 S. 3rd Street, Marshalltown is open and providing food to storm victims, Mon – Fri 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm.
Phone: (641) 753-0486
Agency: Emergency Food Box
Taxonomy: Food Pantry

Church of Christ, 1402 South Center, Marshalltown, non-perishable food.

Salvation Army, 232 N 13th St (Thrift Store), non-perishable food
Phone: (641) 752-3084

Hot Meals
First Presbyterian Church at 101 South Center Street (South Side) is serving hot meals from 5 pm – 8 pm daily.
Phone: 641-753-5929

House of Compassion at 211 W Church Street, Marshalltown is serving food from 5 pm – 6:15 pm.
Phone: 641-752-5999
Agency: Church of Christ
Taxonomy: Soup Kitchens

Persons Needing Household Supplies and/or Clothing
House of Compassion (supplies), 211 W. Church Street, Marshalltown, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Phone (641) 752-5999

Hope United Methodist Church, (Supplies and Clothing), 2203 S 3rd Street, Marshalltown, Mon – Sat 8:00 am – 5:00 pm; Sun 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Phone: (641) 752-5104

Child Abuse Prevention, (Diapers/Wipes and Formula), 811 W. Main Street, Marshalltown
Phone: 641-752-5104

Church of Christ, (Supplies), 1402 S Center Street, Marshalltown

Woodbury Elementary (Clothes & Shoes) Mon-Thurs 10 am-2 pm, Fri 10 am-12 Noon Phone (641) 754-1080
2nd Chance on Third ($1.00for a bag of clothing) Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm
Phone: (641) 751-5063

Accepting Clothing/Supplies, Non-Perishables/School Supplies/Household Items

Hope United Methodist Church, (Household/Supplies etc, No Clothing), 2203 S 3rd Ave, Marshalltown, Mon – Sat 8 am – 5 pm; Sun 12:30 pm – 5 pm
Phone: (641) 752-5104

Child Abuse Prevention, (Baby Supplies/Diapers/and Formula), 811 W. Main Street, Marshalltown
Phone: 641-752-5104

Emergency Food Box, (Non Perishables), 109 3rd St, Marshalltown
Phone: (641) 753-0486

First Presbyterian Church, Supplies and Non Perishables, No Clothes), 101 South Center Street

UAW (for UAW Members Only) (Food starting on Aug 5th,Clothing/Money), 411 Iowa Avenue W, Marshalltown
Phone: (641) 752-0685

MSCD Admin Office, (School Supplies), 1002 S 3rd Avenue, Marshalltown
Phone: (641) 754-1000

First Presbyterian Church, 101 S. Center Street, Marshalltown
Phone: (641) 753-5929

First Presbyterian Church, 101 S. Center Street, Marshalltown
Phone: (641) 753-5929

City Announcements
Individuals are encouraged to check out the city of Marshalltown’s Facebook page for important announcements and updates on relief and recovery efforts.
Agency: City of Marshalltown
Taxonomy: City Government Departments

Free Computer Access
For individuals who were in the disaster area and do not have access to a computer/internet, the Public Library will have free access to computers/internet.
Agency: Marshalltown Public Library
Taxonomy: Library Services

Office Relocations

City Office Relocations
• City of Marshalltown Offices are temporarily located at the Marshalltown Public Library, 105 W Boone Street
• The Parks and Recreation Office is located at the Marshalltown Public Library.

County Office Relocations
• Auditor/Recorder’s Office – DNR transactions can be completed in border counties of Grundy, Hardin, Jasper, Poweshiek, Story, or Tama Counties. No other transactions will be handled at this time.
• Civil Courts temporarily relocated to Story County, 1315 S. B Avenue, Nevada
• Community Services is closed until further notice.
• Criminal Courts, Clerk of Court, and Cashier (this includes Magistrate Court, District Associate Court, Juvenile Court, Substance and Mental Health Commitments, and Small Claims Proceedings) temporarily relocated to Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, 2369 Jessup Avenue, Marshalltown. This is 8 miles west of Marshalltown just off of Highway 30. Fines and other court financial obligations may be paid online at or with the Cashier.
• Court proceeding questions or other court business may be made to the Clerk of Court at 641-754-1603 or 641-754-1604.
• Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) staff are working out of the Waterloo office. Marshalltown residents who need DHS services can call 641-752-6741.
• Juvenile Court Services in Marshall County can call 515-233-3326 and check with your Juvenile Court Officer in regards to any court hearing.
• Marshall County District Court will be relocated to Iowa Valley Community College District/Marshalltown Community College, 3700 S Center Street, Marshalltown, Room 527.
• Treasurer’s Office – The Treasurer’s Office has relocated to the Marshalltown Driver Services Center, 2500 S. Center Street. Their hours will be Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm. This is a temporary relocation until the Court House is repaired which could take up to a year.