Why does the smoke detector always beep at night?

It isn’t a situation where there is a fire or any smoke in the house.  There is no danger.  The batteries are just running out in the smoke detector.  It never happens on a Saturday afternoon when you are home with nothing going on.  It’s in the middle of the night.  Probably right after you got the kids to sleep.  Or as soon as you started to fall asleep.  I’m talking deep sleep, so when you first hear the beep, you are totally out of it and have no idea what’s going on.

This happened to me last night.  Not with one smoke detector, but three.  It became a game of cat and mouse between my wife and I, and the smoke detectors.  Each room in the house has one, and a good portion of them chose 2 AM last night for the batteries to run out of juice.  So we’re wandering through the house trying to track down which smoke detector is beeping.  As soon as we think we have it under control, with new batteries in, we’re back in bed…the beeping starts again!!!  Was like that episode of Friends where Phoebe had this happen.  It became comical after a while.  We eventually ran out of batteries, because you never have enough of those, or the right kind, when you need them.  Side note: kinda frustrating that some smoke detectors needed AA batteries and the others took 9 Volt??? What’s that all about?  Get on the same page smoke detectors!

Turns out the final round of beeping was from the smoke detector in my 9 month old daughter’s room.  She slept through it, thankfully.  But I was not going in there in the dark, stumbling around with a step stool, to try and replace batteries on that thing mounted on the ceiling.  I would’ve bull in china shop’ed that big time.  I look forward to tonight, when the other smoke detectors in the house inevitably start beeping.  Better stock up on batteries.