Elvis (and Common Sense) has left the building!

Happy Elvis Birthday!  84?!?!?

We lost him WAAAAYYY too early back in ’77, and honestly, things have not been the same since.

What happened to common sense?

What we used to take for granted is now awash in un-necessary rules, regulations, and even prohibitions.

Here’s what triggered me today . . .

I get this phone call (while I’m on the air . . . honestly, doesn’t EVERYBODY know i’m a radio announcer and I’m on the air till  10 am?) and its from the U of I hospital.  My daughter had an appointment scheduled for this afternoon.  I know this because I’m the one driving her there.  But the guy on the phone (who’s grasp of English was shaky at best . . . honestly, for a second I thought I was on the phone with Dell customer service) who informed me, on my phone, that he couldn’t talk to me and needed to talk to my daughter.


My darling daughter turned 18 at the end of November (or as its referred to around the Casa de Dill, Zo-vember) and he was not allowed to share any information without her consent.

But you called MY phone!

Now I get it.  Privacy and all that.  But, a scant 40 some days ago, you couldn’t talk to HER without MY permission!  So how bout a little slack and common sense here.

But this guy kept insisting he couldn’t talk to me, but didn’t know my daughter’s phone number so I had to get her to call them to tell them they could talk to me.  WHAAA?

So I asked him, this is just a reminder about her appointment, right?  He wouldn’t even confirm this, even though we both know that’s what it was about.  Sorry, but you’ve now officially activated my bullshit card.

So I kinda got mad at him.  Well, he called me during a commercial break and I was running outta time and didn’t have time to mess around with this nonsense, and so I told him to basically defecate or get off the waste disposal unit . . .  Well, that was the intent although not necessarily the verbiage.

He hung up on me.  So I guess he did.

Here’s what really bugs me about this.  Oh, she’s 18 alright, but I still have to drive her to Iowa City because she doesn’t have a license, or car (not that she wants one) and until she’s either married (THAT one she wants,) or turns 26, she’s on MY INSURANCE.  And it will be MY co-pay outta MY pocket that pays for the visit.

But I don’t have any rights.

And that’s not right.