Dinner for the Pioneers

For the eighth consecutive year, St. Francis Manor and Seeland
Park hosted the Grinnell College Men’s and Women’s basketball teams at a dinner in the Social
Center on January 10.


The athletes and coaches enjoyed a delicious dinner of barbecue ribs, stuffed
airline chicken breasts, green beans, baked potatoes and brownies prepared by the St. Francis
Manor Culinary staff—a real treat for the teams since the college dining services are closed during
winter break.

“This has become a tradition for nearly a decade now and something we look forward to each
year,” said Executive Administrator Dion Schrack. “Many Seeland Park residents enjoy watching
the college games so this is a win-win for everyone—the players get a good dinner and the Seeland
Park “fans” get to interact with the players.”

Following dinner, special entertainment was provided by Pioneer player Derek Jones who played
his banjo and Pioneer teammates Keeley Conroy and Sasha Thomas who sang while Sofia Ahooja
accompanied them on the piano.

“Thanks to all the talented athletes for providing the Grinnell community with great entertainment
on the Pioneer basketball court,” said Dion.