Tim’s Tirades

a veritable cornucopia of trivial nonsense, random thoughts, and personal beefs from KGRN morning man Tim Dill.

The Zombie Cat

You’ve heard the old wives tale that cat’s have nine lives, right? I know of three for sure. WARNING!!  The following contains graphic descriptions...Read More

I Didn’t Do Nuffin!

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  Here’s an example from Real Clear Sports  . . . “Corine Remande, who lost vision in her right eye when...Read More

The Vast Wasteland

That was the term coined by FCC Chairman Newton Minow back in 1961 regarding the state of TV. I was born in 1961. Coincidence or...Read More

Running With Markers

If you, yourself, or someone you love have a tattoo(s) . . . turn away now. I’m all for free expression.  I’ve made a...Read More