Working In Radio!

This is my first of many blogs.

Recently I spoke at the local Rotary Club about the radio business. I told the members of club how much I enjoy being in this crazy business. Let me first of all say that I love being in radio. Over 10 years ago I left radio to become that Community Relations Director for a non-profit organization. While I found the position rewarding, I really missed radio. I was living in Waterloo at the time and while I was out of the radio biz, I continued to network with some of my radio contacts. The Program Director of Star 102.5 in Des Moines had a part time opening. I was interested in getting back into radio, so, when I had a chance to work at Star I jumped on it. If you are at all familiar with Iowa geography you’ll know that Waterloo is about 2 hours away for Des Moines. I would drive 4 hours every weekend to be on the radio in Des Moines while I was working full time for the non-profit. That’s how bad I wanted to get back in front of the microphone. I was at Star 102.5 about 6 months before I found out about a Program Director/Morning Host opening in my hometown of Newton, Iowa. Finally, I got back into radio full time and boy did I miss it! As of December 15th I will have been at KCOB/ENERGY 106.7 for 10 years in my 40th year in radio. Someone once said that when your vocation is your vacation you’ll never work another day in your life. It’s been a nice long vacation!