Thoughts Thunk While Thinking . . . Part Deux

Soooooo . . .

Porn Star (sorry, not PC.  They’re  “Adult Film Performers”) Stormy Daniels  (which is a pseudonym) says she’s coming forward to clear her “good name”.  Which one? . . . .

Have you seen that Subaru commercial with the dad cleaning out his old Subaru and wistfully seeing his little girl grow up with each thing he pulls out (crayon, medical band, prom flower, etc).  I know I’m supposed to be moved, but all I can think is “dude, have you NEVER cleaned out that car since you bought it?!?!?!?

A chunk of Chinese space station is due to crash to earth somewhere sometime soon.  How can those scientists tell us global warming is gonna kill us all by (insert convenient date here) but something tangible you can track with radar, they have no idea?

One of those medication commercials on TV . . . “don’t take xxxx if you’re allergic to xxxx.” Wow.   How do you know you’re allergic to it if you don’t take it.  And if you know you are, why would you need to be reminded?

Toys R Us is bankrupt and going outta business.  Toys may be you but Basic Accounting may not be.  How can Toys R Us go outta business but Lion’s Den doesn’t?

ENOUGH with the Cold/Snow!  Somebody call Al Gore and see if we can borrow a cup of Global Warming.

Movie they couldn’t make today . . . .Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  SO non-PC.  Mickey Rooney as a comic Asian buffoon, SMOKING SMOKING AND MORE SMOKING, Sexual harassment and suggested pedophilia.   And Pet abuse.  No wonder its a classic!

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