The State of Things . . .

Its the middle of July . . . and I survived my son’s wedding.  So here’s a look at the state of things as I see it.

So after nearly 2 years of investigating, 12 russians are indited for hacking the democrats.  Admittedly no connection to any republican campaign, no voting machines or ballots changed.  Do we get a refund or an apology for wasting all that time and money?  And will this bring an end to all the nonsense?  Probably not.

France wins the World Cup!  First time France has prevailed over a European foe in a LOOOOONG time.  They were so excited, they mistakenly surrendered to the German Team!

All Star Break and suddenly Da Cubbies are in first place! See, good things happen to those who wait!  Its gotta suck to be Ex-Cardinal manager Mike Matheny . . .  win more game than you lose over 7 years, but obviously not enough to keep your job.  And watching the Cubbies make the playoffs the last three years while you sit home was probably the final straw for management.

Did you know horse drawn carriages don’t charge by the mile?  I do now.  We helped arrange one for my son to surprise his new bride on their wedding day.  It was very cool, and the weather was perfect and the bride looked like a fairy princess.  The whole wedding was wonderful as was the entire weekend.  I got to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in a while and at some point they were all at my house.  Downside of living on a highway . .. no street parking for guests.  Upside of living on a highway . .  well, there really isn’t one.

What’s the deal with the Japanese Beetles this year?  They pretty much stripped my grape arbor, but on the plus side they also have put a dent in those &*(%$@ Morning Glories.  Forget cancer research and mars exploration .. . lets fund research to eradicate Morning Glories in my lifetime!

Handy Tip from Tim . . . if you’re gonna Polka in the park , wear the right kinda shoes.  Grippy hiking shoes, cement and dancing do not mix!  Also Polka at 100 degrees is not recommended.  But if you get a chance to go see (and dance to ) Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchman, DO IT!  But in an airconditioned location.

Handy Tip from Tim II .. . if you have a lot of family in town visiting Grinnell for the first time, don’t take them to Grinnell Steakhouse.  They freak out about the whole “cook it yourself”thing and you end up cooking dinner for the whole crew.  Trust me on this.   I could have burned stuff on the back porch in my underwear if I’d know that.

Handy Tip from Tim III . . . if you ever get a chance, take a tour of Grinnell with an Architect not from the Midwest.  You will learn stuff. And see your town in a whole new light.

Handy Tip from Tim IV . . .  Keep your eyes peeled over the next 18 months for a guy named Nick Macaluso to show up on Jeopardy!  4th time is the charm.  He’s a damn smart guy with a sense of humor to match.  He’s also a handy wingman to run errands, put porch gliders together, and have a glass of  wine with.  I doubt I would have made it through the wedding weekend without him.

Just finished re-watching the Harry Potter movie series over the weekend.  What a downer.  Are you sure these were meant for kids?  You know who was my least favorite character?  Pilch (or whatever his name is) the caretaker with the cat.  PICK A FREAKING SIDE BUDDY!!!    And why didn’t Hermione use that time reversal thingamabob she had in a previous episode in the finale?  They could have killed off that snake ALOT earlier and probably saved Snape’s life (not that that’s a good thing).  What would you do with the ability to time travel?  I would probably go back about 5 minutes and rethink this paragraph.

Oh, one other tip.  If you’re heading down Hwy 30 east from Cedar Rapids towards Mt. Vernon.  Stop at Palisades State Park.  AND just beyond the entrance to it further east on 30, check out the barn on the hillside with a copy of AMERICAN GOTHIC all over it.  Pretty awesome.