What I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the things we’re grateful for.  Here’s some of mine . . .

I’m thankful for the dedicated volunteers who work the elections here in Poweshiek County and the folks at the auditors office.  No issues, no dangling chads, no recounts, missing ballots, mysterious boxes of votes in car trunks.  Just competence and professionalism.

I’m thankful for the 90 percent of drivers who understand how a 4-way stop works.

I’m thankful my wife won’t let me have a gun, because of the other 10 percent of drivers.

I’m thankful for Kevin McAlexander who figured out how to get electrical power to the Pine tree in Central Park so that all those Christmas Lights we bought a few years back have a new home.

I’m thankful to Patrick, Bud, Brian, and David from the City who braved cold weather, towering heights, and on-the-fly changes to help hang the snowflakes at the band shell.

I’m thankful for next door neighbors who put up with the seemingly endless projects around the yard that sometimes spill over into theirs.  And apples that won’t fall in my yard and end up in a driveway.

I’m thankful that I’m as healthy as I am.  I’ve got too many friends who have too many ailments.  Granted, most of those ailments where brought on by bad life choices years ago, but still, I feel bad for them.

I’m thankful for Facebook.  Every time I start to fee bad about my life, I just go online and discover how really lucky I am.

I’m thankful that I’ve stayed so young and good-looking when all the folks I went to high school went have not.

I’m thankful I was smart enough years ago to realize that looking at my potential mother-in-law was in-fact looking to into the future.  and that was a GOOD thing.

I’m thankful this latest election cycle didn’t last another week.  I was able to just barely keep my sanity.  My hypocrisy bin was in danger of spilling over.

I’m thankful for a great friend who is willing to risk potentially serious bodily injury to lead me through building decks on my house.  Frank has dodged planks to the head, screws to the fingers, and other assorted hazards to help add beauty to my home.

I’m thankful for a great friend who never costs me money by never being available to go to lunch but is always there for me the rest of the time..  Thanks Paul.  And thankful for a great friend who will go to lunch, and always insists that I paid last time.  Thanks Todd.

I’m especially thankful for an amazing wife of 32 years who has put up with an awful lot, and is still as sweet as she can be.  She truly walks the walk.  And two amazing kids and now an amazing daughter-in-law who put up with Dad jokes.

I’m thankful for my siblings who, despite me being the youngest, and therefore best looking and most talented, somehow don’t take it all personal.

I’m thankful for all my friends who go outta their way to keep me on the straight and narrow.  THAT is not an easy job.

And I’m thankful to all my listeners . . . both of you.   Thanks for making getting up at the butt-crack of dawn everyday, worth it.