Jesus, Mary, and Richard Kimball

So, I’m getting a little tired of hearing all these comparisons of the Holy Family and the current illegal immigrant caravan trying to crash our party down south.

I get it.  Folks who support un-fettered invasion of our borders want to play on the emotions of us horrible Christians who want to preserve what the founders started.  What better way than to equate the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt to avoid the persecution of Herod, to the  migrants coming here illegally for whatever reason.

Here’s the difference. . . .

Jesus, Mary and Joseph were fleeing the wrath of a King who was killing off first born male children.  They were told to do so by an angel of God.

Now you can try to make comparisons, and things may be bad down in south and central america, but i’m not sure its gotten to that point and I’m pretty sure angelic messengers are not involved.  I could be wrong, but prove it.

Plus  . . . and this is the most important point i think,


They were fugitives, running from the law, but they headed back as soon as the danger had passed.  Was there a one-armed centurion involved?  My theology is shaky.

Some also try to use the Nativity story as a parallel to the immigration situation. . . . UH UH!  Nope.   Just shows what happens when you don’t make reservations.

The same thing happened to me years ago on vacation.  We had reservations in Corpus Christi beginning on Sunday evening,  and we planned on traveling from Roswell to San Antonio on Saturday and grab a hotel there for the night.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the hotel.  There were no rooms!  In San Antonio!  We went from place to place looking for a vacancy only to find out there wasn’t a hotel room available anywhere in a 60 mile radius of the Alamo!   But it was early, and we decided to keep driving to Corpus Christi, and get a room there since it was only about a two additional hour drive.

Guess where this is going . . .

Yep.  First hotel we saw on the outskirts of town, we stopped.  Nope! No rooms.  So we started hotel hopping.  Same story.  Seems it was the last weekend before school and EVERYONE was on vacation.  And we weren’t the only ones.  I was the head car in a caravan of lonely lost souls who didn’t have reservations either.  Now, my wife was not pregnant.  We did have a very active 2 year old in a car seat that was getting pretty stir crazy, so we decided all we had to do was sleep in the car for one night as our reservations began the next.  I found a Good Sam trailer park around 11pm that night and talked a very suspicious night clerk into letting me rent a camp slot by the bathrooms, even though we didn’t have a camper.

You think hanging in a manger was bad . . .

It was so hot and humid, that we had to roll the windows down, but when you did, a swarm of a million mosquitoes filled the car.  And of course, the two year old was not about to sleep in a car seat.  or anywhere else for that matter.  My poor wife ended up taking walks with the kid around that trailer park pretty much all night while I tried to grab an hour or two of fitful sleep in the front seat of the car I had been driving all day.

So, the moral of this story . . .

Even if your the son of GOD, or just think you are,

Make Reservations!

Merry Christmas!