County IT Department Still Dealing With Courthouse Lightning Strike

The information technology capabilities at the Jasper County Courthouse have almost recovered from last Tuesday night’s lightning strike. That’s the message County Information Technology Director Ryan Eaton relayed to the County Supervisors this (Tuesday) morning. Eaton said no data was lost, just the ability to access it. He mentioned the current list of items that were damaged.

Because of the lightning strike, Eaton says the County’s Disaster Recovery Plan was activated first thing last Wednesday morning, and all offices at the Courthouse except the courts were closed that day.

Eaton thanked his two department employees for working very hard with him to get everything going again as soon as possible. Board Chairman Denny Carpenter said they did a fantastic job. Eaton also noted they are in the process of evaluating this situation and will be adjusting the County’s Disaster Recovery Plan to address any short-comings.