I remember when my own children were young and found themselves immersed in all kinds of things; Gameboy, soccer, roller hockey, music, and TV, to name a few. Then came a day when they asked me if they could learn to play music.

“Sure,” I said. “Absolutely. And keep in mind,” I told them, “when you decide what you are passionate about, let me know.”

They did. And . . .

one thing led to another. Musical instruments everywhere. My older son became an All Stater on saxophone and played in the drum-line for his high school marching band. He has developed into quite an accomplished drummer. My younger son took up trumpet, led the marching band as drum major,  and has become a singer/songwriter and guitarist. They became passionate about music and I went to the wall for their passion. They learned to save their money to buy instruments, and spent uncounted hours in the basement studio we built, practicing, recording, and bonding.

Today they are both very successful in their chosen fields, but the passion for music still burns within them.

This apparent ‘brag session’ has a target. You.

What passion burns within you? And if you have children, I would encourage you to encourage them to discover their passion. Help them to explore all the good things there are awaiting them. Things that go beyond hours of TV, Facebook, or Twitter, or Xbox.

And go to the wall for their passions. Support them. Encourage them. And then, like the plants you water, watch them grow, and grow . . . and  grow.