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My Mom

This is the anniversary of the passing of my Mother Elizabeth Anne Grout, known to her family and friends as Bette. Her maiden name...Read More

The Flu Sux

I’ve been at ENERGY 106.7 & KCOB for over 10 years now, and, I can honestly say, up until this year, I’ve been able...Read More

Missing My Dogs!

One of the cool things about my co-host Sarah, is that she came up with the idea of featuring one of the dogs or...Read More

Radio Bloopers

Awhile back I was asked if I had any big bloopers in my radio career. YES, too many to mention in this blog, but...Read More

Netflix Suggestions?

My TV viewing habits have changed over the past 3 years. I was first influenced to get Netflix by my former co-host. She and...Read More