Tim’s Tirades

a veritable cornucopia of trivial nonsense, random thoughts, and personal beefs from KGRN morning man Tim Dill.

Death By Dumbass . . .

That’s my son Alex’s take when the gene pool gets cleaned up a little by some genius bringing about his or her demise by...Read More

Le B.O.B Fin

I Love Christmas decorations, can you tell? This will be the last B.O.B update of the season . . . not because everyone has...Read More

Call Me Crazy . . .

I love a good conspiracy theory . . .. My personal favorite (because I came up with it) is Elvis Presley as the second...Read More

Offense and Defense

Not talking football here . . . Although it does have to do with sports. I’m offensive.  Not intentionally (well, not ALL the time...Read More

Drips and Drabs

Writers block is a wonderful thing . . . It gives one an opportunity to clean up loose ends (in liu of any new...Read More

Pah-Rum-Pa-Pa-Pum . . .

Yes, I had a nice vacation, thanks for asking. . . But since the Christmas season doesn’t officially end until January 6th (Feast of...Read More