Tim’s Tirades

a veritable cornucopia of trivial nonsense, random thoughts, and personal beefs from KGRN morning man Tim Dill.

Yin and Yang

Like the “Force”, there needs to be a balance in my universe.  Good and Bad.  Light and Dark.  A New Hope and The Last...Read More

Give A Little Whistle!

Anybody remember Jiminy Cricket?  He sang the song “Give a little Whistle” to Pinocchio in the Disney classic.  He represented the official conscience of...Read More

B.O.B Update #3

The Brotherhood of the Bulb is strong in Grinnell, but I saw some B.O.B’s up in Belle Plaine on Friday night including this one...Read More

“That’s So Iowa”

As a transplant to the midwest from a lifetime in the Southwest, I am constantly catching myself making comparisons on the different lifestyles.  After...Read More