Sarah’s Reckoning

Silly Willy!!!

For 11 years, I had the most wonderful Collie by my side. His name was Bronx. He was the best dog and my best...Read More

Science adventures

I took my daughter to the Science Center of Iowa, last week. It was really fun. She loved the room full of science experiments....Read More

Happy New Year!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have New Years Day be the first day of Spring? January 1st is a sleepy time. We’re all...Read More

Running secret.

I’m a whimp when it comes to running. When I run, I need something to distract me from the fact that is what I’m...Read More

The Office

“The Office.”   I loved this show when it originally aired.  In fact, I was in the hospital in labor with my daughter on a...Read More

Update on my haunting

I thought I should bring you up to speed with my haunted house situation.  If you read my first haunted blog, you know that I was disturbed by...Read More

Comfort food

For me, certain things are meant to be eaten entirely in one sitting.  These certain things include the following;  frozen pizza, delivery pizza, pints...Read More

Save yourself!

If you were transported 500 years into the past, with no objects-no clothes or anything, how would you prove you’re from the future?  You...Read More


I’ve been experiencing some unusual things at my house. A few weeks ago, Jamie and I spoke with a famous psychic, Char Margolis. Char...Read More

Oh, Tonya.

WARNING: This is a judgement zone. Read at your own risk. OK, so… I recently expressed my disbelief in Tonya Harding. From what I...Read More