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120 Hours Outdoors in 2021 Challenge

120 Hours Outdoors in 2021 Challenge  

Jasper County Conservation is kicking off the new year with a challenge to  spend 120 hours outdoors in 2021. Simply keep track of your time spent  outside, either on our chart or one you create yourself, and turn it in at the end  of the year for a small reward. 

There are so many reasons why spending time outdoors is beneficial, including  lowering blood pressure and stress levels, increasing your vitamin D intake,  improving your ability to focus and increasing your short term memory. Even a  30 minute walk outside every day can have huge health benefits! 

Jasper County has many places for outdoor recreation, whether you like to  snowshoe, cross-country ski, fish, hunt, camp, hike, bike, kayak, or simply  take in the scenic beauty around you. Some of the more popular parks include  Mariposa Recreation Area, Jacob Krumm Nature Preserve, Ashton Wildwood  Park, and the Chichaqua Valley Recreation Trail. 

More information about Jasper County Conservation recreation areas and the  120 Hours Outdoors Challenge chart can be found at It is strongly recommended that 


January 6 @ 8:00 am - December 31 @ 5:00 pm
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