I’ve been at ENERGY 106.7 & KCOB for over 10 years now, and, I can honestly say, up until this year, I’ve been able to count my sick days on one hand. This year the flu got me. I guess I’m not totally surprised since, from what I hear in other media, the flu has reached record numbers this year. The flu started out for me on a Friday afternoon with a cough. Over the weekend I started feeling worse and I decided to take my temperature. It was 103.5 and at that point I realized I had the flu. I took that next Monday and Tuesday off. A day or so after I came back my partner on the ENERGY 106.7 morning show, Sarah, started feeling bad. She was kind enough not to blame me for it although I felt a certain amount of guilt over it. Another thing about the flu is that I’ve run into more people who haven’t had the flu shot because they clam it makes them feel worse. I’m glad I got the flu shot however because my doctor assured me that my bout with the flu would have been much worse if I had not had the shot. I’m glad I’m feeling better because I love my job and whenever anyone get’s sick and takes time off, the rest of us at the station have to cover bases for the person who is gone. If you’ve had the flu this year you know how nasty it can be. I hope that if you have the flu now that it’s flown away.