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1.2-Million Dollars in Street Resurfacing Proposed in Newton for This Year

By the end of November, Newton City staff expects to see about 1.2-million dollars of street resurfacing completed throughout town. That’s the estimated cost of a street Resurfacing Project the City Council has just put out for bid. The bid opening is set for August 9th, with the expectation a contract for the project will be awarded at the August 16th City Council meeting. According to Newton Public Works officials, the targeted sections of 14 streets have deteriorated over the past 33 to 38 years. They have numerous cracks and surface imperfections. The top 2 to 4 inches of street surface will be milled off and replaced with 2 to 4 inches of new hot-mix asphalt. The resurfacing is to be paid for with over 1.1-million dollars of Road Use Tax Revenue Bonds and an additional 60-thousand dollars of TIF Bond revenue. The sections of streets to be resurfaced are

200-400 Blocks of E 3rd St S,

100-700 Blocks of E 7th St N,

800-900 Blocks of S 5th Ave E,

200-300 Blocks of W 3rd St N,

1000-1400 Blocks of N 4th Ave E,

400-1100 Blocks of S 6th Ave W,

300 Block of S 4th Ave W,

100-500 Blocks of W 12th St S,

600-700 Blocks E 14th St S,

600-700 Blocks of E 15th St S,

1400 Block of S 6th Ave E,

100-200 Blocks of E 7th St S,

500-700 Blocks of W 11th St S,

and a portion of the 1900 Block of E 8th St N