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City of Newton Petitioning Court for Ownership of Derecho Damaged Home

The City of Newton is petitioning the court to take ownership of what appears to be an abandoned damaged home. At-Large City Council Representative Evelyn George says the house at 229 East 24th Street North was damaged in the Derecho a year ago this past August.

In order to get ownership…Erin Chambers, the City’s Director of Community Development, says the City has to show proof that home has been abandoned for at least 6 months. Chambers notes City staff has been trying for months to make contact with someone associated with the property.

City staff estimates 10-thousand dollars of City money will be spent on legal fees to try and gain ownership of the split level home. If ownership is granted, Chambers says the house may be demolished.  But if an inspection determines it appears salvageable, it may be rehabilitated.