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County Supervisors Approve Additional Jail Staff

With frequent overtime and mandated shifts occurring at the Jasper County Jail, the County Board of Supervisors have authorized Sheriff John Halferty to add 3 additional jailers to his staff between now and the end of the next fiscal year. One jailer can be added immediately. Another before the end of this fiscal year. The third in 2022-2023. Currently, Sheriff Halferty says there are 16 full-time jail staff positions with a Chief Jailer and an Assistant Chief Jailer. He’s also authorized to have 6 part-time jailers, but currently only has two.

The sheriff told the Supervisors he must have a minimum of 3 jailers on duty at all times, and a recent advertisement for part-time applicants produced no applications. In the past two week pay period, he says the jail paid staff 170 hours of overtime and he had to mandate every staff member to work additional shifts. The Jasper County Jail routinely holds inmates for other counties, mostly Polk and Warren. And since 2013, Halferty says the jail has brought in over 2.2-million dollars in revenue.

The Sheriff also noted jailers now have increased duties in taking care of inmates.

According to Halferty, he had to help jail staff with a violent inmate within the past two weeks. He also said the holding and segregation cells have been full the past two weeks, and recently the jail has had to turn away female inmates from other law enforcement agencies.