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Jasper County Health Department Administrator Shares COVID Information with Newton School Board

Jasper County Health Department Administrator Becky Pryor says 14.1-percent of the COVID testing being done on residents in Newton’s zip code are coming back positive.

That’s Pryor speaking to the Newton School Board last night. She commended the District’s administrators for working well with her department.

According to Pryor, Jasper County had 93 COVID cases in July; 307 in August; and 228 from September 1st through this past Sunday the 12th. 53-percent of the cases so far this month involved 18 to 59 year olds. 22-percent were 12 to 17. 17-percent were 11 years old or younger. 8-percent were 60 and older.

Pryor notes 82-percent of Jasper County residents 65 or older are vaccinated. The percentage for those 18 and older is 61.3-percent. She says there’s 20 long term care facilities in the state dealing with a COVID outbreak, and one of them is in Jasper County. Many Des Moines Hospitals are at peak status and experiencing an increase in emergency room visits.