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Jon Dunwell Unofficial Winner in House District 29 Special Election

It appears Republican Jon Dunwell, a Newton Financial Advisor and Pastor, has won the special election in Jasper County for House District 29. Unofficial election results have Dunwell collecting 59.81-percent of the 4-thousand 717 ballots cast, to flip the seat from the Democrats to the Republican party. Wes Breckenridge of Newton, who resigned the seat September 10th, was a Democrat. The Party chose Newton City Councilman Steve Mullan as their candidate. He unofficially received 1-thousand 890 votes to Dunwell’s 2-thousand 820. Voter turnout was 22.03 percent. House District 29 has 21-thousand 409 registered voters. The results of the Special Election will not be official until they are canvassed by the County Board of Supervisors. That should occur within the next couple of days.