Unemployment decreased in Jasper County last month, as did the size of the County’s labor force and the number of residents employed. Iowa Workforce Development released the numbers for August this (Tuesday) morning. The County’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.9-percent, the lowest it’s been since October’s 3.4-percent rate. The rate in July was 4.1-percent. From July to August, the number of unemployed Jasper County residents fell from 800 to 730. The number employed went from 18-thousand 510, down to 18-thousand 90. The County’s total labor force dropped from 19-thousand 310 to 18-thousand 820. That’s 490 less available workers last month and 420 fewer residents employed. Iowa Workforce Development Deputy Director Ryan West says a lot of baby boomers have retired, and there’s still questions about why they left the workforce now.

West says there is a chance some may reconsider and rejoin the workforce.