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Newton Housing Advisory Committee Names Desirable Housing Development Traits

A local housing advisory group in Newton has evaluated what they consider desirable and non-desirable components of housing developments. Bev Price and Jennifer Cook Co-Chaired the group.

That’s Price as she presented the groups work to the City Council. They’ve made some recommendations for policy and code changes they hope the Council members and Planning and Zoning Board will consider.

To come up with recommendations, Price says the committee members were told to look at housing developments in Newton and other towns. Their list of desirable traits for housing developments is extensive.

The committee’s undesirable traits for housing developments include so-called cookie-cutter designed homes where every house looks the same; congested streetscapes with narrow streets, on-street parking and narrow side yards; and sidewalks on only one side of the street. Joining Price and Cook on this Housing Advisory Committee were realtor Bob Cupples, Structural Engineer Tom Hollander, local landlord Dan Kunkel, Frank Liebl and Tanya Michener with Newton Development Corporation, Attorney Caitlin Otto, Housing Director for Newton Housing Development Corporation Bruce Showalter, Citizen Stacy Simbro, and local Developer Nate Van Maanen.