A 38 year old Newton man arrested for being drunk while caring for 3 young children has been given an 855-dollar civil penalty and one year of probation. Timothy David Kimball pleaded guilty to one count of Child Endangerment. As part of a plea agreement, two other counts were dismissed. Newton Police were called to Woodland Heights Apartments around 10 a.m. Sunday September 19th because Kimball was heard yelling from his balcony. When Officers got to his apartment, they discovered Kimball was very intoxicated, and was the only person caring for 3 children who were completely naked. The police report says Kimball consented to a preliminary breathalyzer test. That test put his blood alcohol content at point 2-7-3, which is more than 3 times the legal limit. The arresting officer noted Kimball had a very strong odor of alcohol, poor balance, and slurred speech. The ages of the three children he was caring for were 3,6, and 9.