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Newton’s Westwood Golf Course Getting Additional Golf Carts

The staff at Newton’s Westwood Golf Course expects the addition of 10 new golf carts will eliminate many issues they’ve been facing. The 2022 Yamaha EFI golf carts are being purchased for 49-thousand 500 dollars from Harris Golf Cars of Dubuque. They should arrive next Spring. Since 2018…The City owned golf course has maintained its own fleet of 36 golf carts for rental. Prior to that a portion of the fleet was leased, which staff says cost nearly twice as much per cart as compared to the purchase of a new golf cart with a trade-in. The staff also says the golf course has experienced three consecutive years of growth in the number of golf rounds played. At the same time, the staff has struggled at times this season to keep up with the demand for golf carts. Every Saturday in August, the staff had to block off anywhere from four to seven normally available tee times in the mid-afternoon to catch up with golf carts getting returned from morning rounds. The blocked out tee times amount to lost revenue from green fees, concessions sales, and cart rentals. Staff adds on several other weekdays and weekends, only one to two golf carts were available through large portions of the afternoon, leaving few options if a couple carts go down for repairs. Also…at a handful of tournaments and events this year, staff had to cap the number of registrations because of the unavailability of getting tournament golf car fleet rentals. Staff notes there are now 15 to 20 golf courses in the area trying to rent from just two golf car fleet rental businesses in Central Iowa. If golf cars are available to rent, staff says the price is currently around 45-dollars per unit plus delivery. In addition….many times they can’t get as many carts as they want. This has resulted in less revenue from less event registrations, and added costs per event. With this purchase, Westwood should only need to find extra golf cars for two or three events each year. The annual golf car rental cost paid out to vendors over the last three years according to the golf course staff ranges from just over 2-thousand dollars to over 48-hundred. To-date this year, golf car rental fees paid to outside vendors has reached 3-thousand 400-dollars. Staff claims the addition of 10 golf cars to the fleet would greatly reduce, or nearly eliminate the expenditure in most cases. The average annual revenue generated in golf car rental at Westwood is over 111-thousand dollars per year over the last five years. In spreading that annual average out across the 36 golf cars in the fleet, each golf car generates just under 31-hundred dollars of rental revenue each year. Over a seven year lifespan, each golf car generates over 21-thousand dollars of rental revenue. When subtracting the initial purchase price of $4,950 per golf car, and ignoring normally minor maintenance and operational costs over the seven year life-span, each golf car can realize almost 17-thousand dollars in profits over its life-span.