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Special State Legislative Session Set to Consider New Congressional and Legislative District Maps

Governor Reynolds has signed a proclamation to convene a special legislative session on October 5th to consider newly drawn maps for Iowa congressional and legislative districts. Jasper County is currently in the 2nd Congressional District. In the Iowa Senate, the County is in the 14th and 15th Districts. In the Iowa House, the County is in the 28th and 29th Districts. The Legislative Services Agency will release maps with redrawn district boundaries this Thursday. The Iowa Supreme Court has set December 1st as the deadline for State lawmakers to approve the new boundaries. The Temporary Redistricting Commission has scheduled three public hearings next week, to give Iowans a chance to comment on the new maps, then the commission has to submit a report to lawmakers before the legislature convenes in three weeks. Under Iowa law, members of the House and Senate must vote yes or no on this set of maps. No amendments are allowed to make changes. If the legislature rejects the first set of maps, the Legislative Services Agency must draw up a new set. If the second set is rejected, there’s a third round, when lawmakers are able to propose their own changes to district lines. The reapportionment process — which happens every 10 years — is usually completed in the spring, but the Census Bureau didn’t give states the population data for redrawing district lines until August.