MARSHALLTOWN – Create a culture of customer service excellence with Iowa Valley Continuing Education’s Leading Customer Service four step process of defining your culture, bringing the right professionals to the organization, training processes to support the culture, as well as holding people accountable for behaviors.

You will learn how to successfully hire and onboard your customer service team with strategies to develop a hiring process designed for exceptional customer service. As a current or prospective leader, you will also gain the skills to productively manage a customer service team through empowerment, achieving transparency, and working as a team. Professionals will develop the knowledge to evaluate customer service with several methods including customer service surveys, customer satisfaction score, net promoter score (NPS), customer effort score (CES), social media monitoring, and mystery shopping and how to collect the appropriate data to ensure success of the organization.

Class will be held on Thursday, April 18 from 1 to 4 pm at Iowa Valley Continuing Education, 3702 S. Center St., Marshalltown in Room 610. Cost of the class is $99. Register online at or call IVCE at 641-752-4645 or 800-284-4823.