I’ve been experiencing some unusual things at my house. A few weeks ago, Jamie and I spoke with a famous psychic, Char Margolis. Char told me that I have spirits with me. While we spoke with her, the lights in the studio flickered constantly-they NEVER flicker. That same day, in my kitchen, two light bulbs exploded, popping loudly, at the exact same time. Fast forward to last Sunday. My daughter was staying with my folks so I was home alone.  It was late (for me) and  I was having trouble sleeping. Suddenly, there was a steady knocking on my wall. It was five loud, rythmic knocks. I froze in fear for probably 30-60 seconds then looked at my phone to see it was 12:27am.  I got up to look around, looked outside and saw nothing. My house has an alarm that will sound if there’s someone messing around outside. There was no one. It sounded like the knocking was above my head. That’s the wall between my bed and the kitchen. Creepy.  AND, it’s on the second floor! Tuesday night, my daughter was laying next to me in bed, trying to fall asleep. I was reading. She sat up and didn’t say anything right away. After a minute she looked at me and asked where that laughter was coming from.  I couldn’t hear anything. She could clearly hear a child laughing.  WEIRD!!!!!!!!!! CREEPY!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll keep you posted.