WARNING: This is a judgement zone. Read at your own risk.

OK, so… I recently expressed my disbelief in Tonya Harding. From what I previously understood, which is not much…she seems like a super shady cheater. I always thought she had prior knowledge of Nancy Kerrigan’s attack.
I just watched “Truth and Lies,” the Tonya Harding story. What I learned about Tonya has somewhat changed my mind. Tonya is a force to be-reckoned-with. She seems to a very strong woman. The hurdles she has overcome in her life are simply astounding. Tonya’s athletic ability must mirror her inner strength. People have been trying to kick her down her entire life and she has not let them. That being said…I personally am not convinced of her innocence. She admits to knowing more than she let on and she is hardcore. Maybe the type of person that will do anything to get ahead? It is doubtful that we will ever know the entire truth to this story. Somehow, I find myself with a lot of respect for Tonya. Funny how that works.
At least Tonya didn’t go on to Star in an adult film…
Also, Nancy Kerrigan seems like a total brat. Now I know what you are going to say. Come on, Sarah! She got whacked with a crowbar! Crowbar or not, she seems like a brat. I think I will see the movie and continue my judgment from there.