I took my daughter to the Science Center of Iowa, last week. It was really fun. She loved the room full of science experiments. There is a station where kids build their own paper rocket, then launch it with a rocket launcher. You can build your own Lego cars and race each other.  There’s a big station where you build your own dam.

There’s a room full of Iowa’s aquatic animals and reptiles….snapping turtles are terrifying.

They currently host a reconstructed T Rex in their dinosaur exhibit. It’s enormous and very intimidating. It’s in a dark room that’s filled with the sounds scientists think they would’ve made.

Have you been in the space dome? It’s SO cool.  We watched a short film about space travel. We laid on the floor for the full effect. The 3-D effect made me a little dizzy at times but, it was incredible. My daughter kept leaning over and telling me she was so amazed.  I highly recommend checking it out. I hadn’t been in space dome since my last Pink Floyd laser light show in high school (Those were freaking awesome and I wish they still did them.)

The last thing we did was check out the bubble station. There are several large tubs that are filled with soapy water and large rings that you form the bubbles with. My daughter leaned over a bit too far on the very slippery floor and fell right in. It was hilarious! (Although, had we not been on our way out it wouldn’t have been funny. It would have been a nightmare)

All in all, it was a great day. You should check it out sometime!