For 11 years, I had the most wonderful Collie by my side. His name was Bronx. He was the best dog and my best friend. He loved my daughter and watched her like a doting parent. He passed away 2 years ago at the age of 14.  I finally feel ready to love another dog.  My daughter has allergies so we are proceeding with caution. The Jasper County Animal Rescue League has been keeping us in mind for foster care for a hypo-allergenic breed. Well, it finally happened!!!! We have been graced with a tiny Yorkie! Her name is Willy.  She has been with us for almost a week and she’s finally warming up….to me. She’s still scared of my daughter who has spent significantly less time with her. Willy is learning how to go potty outside and live a healthy life. She is quite overweight and is clearly used to table scraps. My mom referred to her as a “tootsie roll with legs.” We are working on it, though! Willy is developing a great love for walks! I have never thought I would want a small dog. I was wrong. When Willy gets excited, she runs in tight little circles and it’s delightful.

I’ll keep you posted!!