“The Office.”   I loved this show when it originally aired.  In fact, I was in the hospital in labor with my daughter on a Thursday night in 2010. I remember expressing concern to the nurse about missing the show.  She thought that was pretty funny – I was totally serious.  Well, as many parents know, a new baby meant missing many future episodes. Luckily, Netflix.  I finished the series last night.  Like a good book, I’m sad to feel that portion of my life complete.  I will miss the characters so much.  Michael Scott is played wonderfully by Steve Carell.  He is a bit of a jerk in the first season, however, his character warms up through out the series.  If you’re put off by him at first, don’t give up!  Rainn Wilson is delightful as Dwight Schrute.  There is something so loveable about his awkward social skills.  The characters in this show work together so wonderfully, you can’t help but identify with them and love them.  This show has made me laugh so many times, a few times to the point of tears.  I’ve countlessly replayed funny lines over and over again.  It has also made me cry, it’s so touching!  You must watch it!  It might become your happy place, like it was for me!