I thought I should bring you up to speed with my haunted house situation.  If you read my first haunted blog, you know that I was disturbed by knocking on my wall in the middle of the night.  Well, the knocking has increased.  I was home with the flu last week and it happened constantly.  I was SO sick and SO tired that I started yelling at the noise “stop it!  you know I don’t feel good!” *cough-crazy-cough* I started to feel nervous thinking about making the ghost mad by yelling at it, so now I yell “stop it squirrel!” (By the way,I also have a squirrel that has broken into my attic.  I’ve had the trees trimmed away from the house in an attempt to keep the little guy away, but it didn’t work.)  Somehow, my daughter has managed to avoid all of the weirdness that I’ve been witnessing.  That changed in last few nights.  The first time she heard the knocking she started to laugh and blamed it on me passing gas.  Fair enough, at least she wasn’t scared.  The next time we heard it, Layne said “mom, that’s just the squirrel.”  Instead of me thinking that she must be right, I’m thinking that she and the ghost are in cahoots.   She is seven.  I’m losing it, folks.