Newton Police say a tip from Staff at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School has led to charges against a 60 year old Newton man accused of picking up his daughter from pre-school while intoxicated. William Edward Lane is charged with 3rd Offense OWI, Possession of Alcohol on School Property, having an Open Container of Alcohol in his car, and Driving While his License is Barred. He was arrested shortly after 3:30 last Thursday November 7th. According to the police report…Thomas Jefferson staff called earlier that day to report Lane had been coming to pick up his daughter, and they had been seeing what they thought were open containers of alcohol in his car. The officer that went to the school that afternoon to check out the report approached Lane when he arrived to get his daughter, and reportedly detected the odor of alcohol on his breathe. The officer claims Lane failed field sobriety tests and refused a breathalyzer test. In his car, in a cup holder on the center console next to the driver’s seat, the 60 year old allegedly had an open beer can that was 3-quarters empty.