A Domestic altercation at a Newton home in the 900-block of West 3rd Street South last night ended with both the man and woman involved facing identical charges. According to Police 24 year old Brittney Ann Johnson and 32 year old Errick Durran Almanzalopez have each been charged with Domestic Assault Causing Injury. The arrest report says Almanzalopez called police to the home claiming a meth head was trying to choke him. When Officers arrived, they discovered Almanzalopez and Johnson both had minor injuries. They each claimed the other initiated the physical confrontation which allegedly involved Almanzalopez pushing Johnson’s head into a wall and her punching him in the face. Officers noted Johnson had a bump on the back of her head and a bruise on one breast while Almanzalopez sustained a cut on his left ring finger. Officers said they could not determine who was the main instigator of the altercation, so both were charged.