A 33 year old Newton woman accused of stabbing her husband in the back with a knife at their home in January of 2018 has been given a suspended 2 year prison term and 2 years of probation. In a Plea agreement…Kasey Lee Frosch Machuta was sentenced for Child Endangerment while a charge of Domestic Assault with a weapon was dismissed. The sentence District Court Judge Thomas Mott imposed yesterday also includes a suspended 1-thousand dollar fine. Saturday evening January 20th 2018, when Newton Police arrived at Frosch Machuta’s home in the 1-thousand block of North 6th Avenue East, they said her husband already had a bandage over his still bleeding wound. He reportedly refused medical attention or assistance from officers. Witnesses said Frosch-Machuta stabbed her husband while children were present. Officers were also told that earlier in the day, she held the head of her 9 year old son underwater in the kitchen sink after he made her angry. The boy was not injured.