Sorry I’ve been absent . . .

I’ve been battling something since before Christmas. But don’t worry . . it’s only viral. At least that’s what my doctor and the PA told me twice that I’ve seen them. I get it. You don’t want to issue any antibiotics because of the fear of drug resistant bugs developing. Fine. But please tell me what the threshold is for a ZPAC? I’m no doctor, but if I’ve got green/grey lung-butter hacking up every five minutes, I’m thinking . . . what can it hurt?

Also, what is a fever? if your kid has a 99+ degree fever, they tell you to keep them home. I go to the doctor and its “Low Grade”. What if my normal temp is 96.8 (which it seems to be and yes,I’ve kinda tracked it) instead of 98.6 ? Then a 99 degree fever is . . . A FEVER!!

Anyone else bugged (pun intended) when the first question they ask you is “how are you doing today?”. Well, honestly if I was worth a flip, I would be using that co-pay to be out playing golf instead of sitting here playing twenty questions.

And then they take your vitals, and ask you about all your symptoms. Then they leave and the doctor comes in and asks you the same damn questions. Do they not talk in the hall? Is that nurse just nosy? Does my doctor have short-term memory problems? Whats the deal.

Then they flip thru that ever-growing file and can tell me about the hangnail I had thirty years ago, but then they have to ask me EVERY TIME “what pharmacy do you use”? Maybe you should put that in BIG PRINT on the front huh?

FULL disclosure . . . I have a couple of doctors in the family on my wife’s side. They are wonderful . . . as are all doctors and nurses. I have tremendous respect for anyone who can deal with ‘icky-gooey” stuff. I could never do it.

BUT . ..

That doesn’t change some of the ridiculous things we have to deal with. And while I don’t believe health care is “a right”, it certainly could use a dose of Dr. Dill’s Common Sense. Stuff like .. .

“required” tests should be either free or just a co-pay. I’m talking women’s annual mammograms and pap smears, colonoscopy,stress test, blood chemistry. Honestly, I have a problem paying over a thousand dollars to have a guy/gal take a look in the ol’ back door.
I realize there is probably some sort of “Hazard Pay” component in play but, really what they charge for this is really adding insult to injury.

“Urgent Care” should be just that. I know its not an EMERGENCY, but it is URGENT. And if they make you sit around for two hours then send you off to the ER they shouldn’t be charged for the Urgent visit. No, it really did happen to me. And urgent care should be op!==en when your doctor’s office ISNT! They say “if you cant go to your doctor go to urgent care” That would be after 5pm and weekends.


If they don’t treat you .. don’t charge you! If “its Viral” and you arent gonna give me anything, then don’t give me a bill either.