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More Thoughts Thunk While Thinking . . .

Here are just more random thoughts that have been rattling thru my head lately . . .

If getting “dirt” on your political opponent from foreign sources is such an outrage, what’s the deal with the “Steele Dossier” that was produced by an ex MI6 agent (british) and bought and paid for by the Clinton Campaign, and used as the basis for the whole Mueller Investigation?  Lock everybody up!

Since Disney owns Lucas Films which puts out the Star Wars movies, does anyone else want to see the “mysterious” evil guy revealed as Darth Mickey?  And in the same vein, since they also control Marvel, who would win in a battle . . . Jedi Master Yoda or the Scarlet Witch?

How much shorter would James Bond movies be if the Super Villain instead of devising some nefarious -rube-goldberg-esq  way of killing him,  just pops a cap in 007 at his first opportunity?

Will we ever know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?  Damm owl.

Why could pirates, voodoo priests, and the harlem globetrotters, just to name a few, find Gilligan’s Island, why couldn’t the Coast Guard and Navy?  How hard did they look?

What did Blondie see in Dagwood? Certainly not the haircut.  Or Betty with Barney?  Couldn’t Archie tell the only difference between Betty and Veronica was hair color? And why did he have a tic tac toe game on the side of his head?  What the heck was that on Jughead’s head?  A cap? Crown?  Broken Jug?

If Goofy is a dog, and Pluto is a dog, why is one wearing clothes?  Something is very wrong here, but which one?

Why do hotels book a room for 4 persons, but only include 2 bath towels?

Does anyone else answer “No, I prefer a real one” to the housekeeping query ” Can I make up your room?”

Why do we have to fill out tax forms every year to tell the government how much we made and how much tax we paid?  Shouldn’t the IRS be keeping track of that?  Really, all we should get is a receipt at the end of the year.  And a thank you note.

Anyone else tired of sequels and remakes?  What happened to originality?  We’re starting to see remakes of remakes.  Same with movies based on board games.  If you’re gonna do that, how bout a horror movie based on “Operation”?   Disaster flick starring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis based on Jenga”!!

Where are the Lee “Super Mex” Trevinos on the PGA tour?  Nobody smiles and has fun out there.  Geez, the entire gallery was singing Happy Birthday to Lefty at the US Open and he didn’t even smile.  Lee would banter with the gallery if he was up 5 strokes or down 5 strokes.  He realized he was getting paid to play a game!  We should be all so lucky.

Why do we care what Actors/Actresses have to say off screen?  They’re whole existence revolves around reading other people’s words and pretending to be something they’re not.   If you’ve ever met a professional actor, you know they’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  And not always the nicest person.  I once had the “pleasure” of meeting and spending time with William Sadler (you’d recognize his face from “Shawshank Redemption”, and “Iron Man 3” he was the President in that one,) who back in the day was the sheriff on the tv show ROSWELL.  I played the sheriff in ROSWELL, THE MUSICAL during the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the UFO crash, and he was a special guest at the premier. I was assigned to be his escort/introducer at the ceremony.  They guy grunted two words to me during the 45 minutes we spent together backstage and spent most of the time running to his limo to sit and have another drink.   Now, i didn’t expect him to become my bosom buddy, but a polite, friendly and short conversation would have been nice.  He wasn’t. And he was very short, not Tom Cruise short, but close.    Maybe my height intimidated him.   I have that effect on small creatures.

Pot calling the Kettle black dept;  Canada has strict gun control . . . looks down nose at barbaric Americans . . . . Toronto wins an NBA championship . . . . . . four people shot (no fatalities thank goodness) at the celebration parade.  (How many people got shot in Chi-Town during the Cubs World Series parade? NONE . . . probably the ONLY day nobody got shot in Chicago, tho).

Better stop now.  You’ve always heard about what might happen in a room full of monkeys with typewriters?  Now you know what happens in a room with one radio guy and a laptop.