Weather Alert

Snowblind Thoughts

I’m tired.  

I’m tired of moving snow around.

I’m tired of walking in the cold.

I’m tired of snow plows (God bless them) putting more snow in my driveway than nature does.

I’m tired of being tired.

And a lot of things have been snowballing (pun intended) to a point where I just don’t give two hoots.  So this is my steam-blowing-catharsis entry to make me feel better . . .

I got accused of being “unprofessional” recently.  Technically that’s incorrect. I do get paid (however little) so I lost my amateur card a while ago.  It was said in an attempt to shame me into changing my mind about something. Lucky for me, I’m SO unprofessional that I have no shame.

I was told I should go to therapy.  Not by the same person. THAT would have been weird.  And not Physical Therapy. Honestly people, I sit alone in a padded room for 4.5 hours a day talking to myself.  I’m WAAAYYYY beyond therapy. But I get paid to do it so I am a “professional”.

I was told shoveling snow IS therapy.  OK. I’ve had my quota for the year already.

And I’m done climbing ladders for ingrates. Don’t worry.  It doesn’t make sense to me either.

I’m facing my 40th High School Reunion this summer.  Still not sure if I want to spend the money and time to go see folks I spent 12 years trying to get away from.  There are a few folks I wouldn’t mind going and spending a few hours reminiscing with, but what are the chances those few out of the 984 kids in my graduating class will actually be there.  And how would I find them? I see some of them posting pictures online, and I hardly recognize some of these folks. How did they all get old and bald and fat. The guys too.. Actually to tell the truth, the only reason I would want to go is to show off my trophy wife.  There are a few girls that turned me down for dates I’d like to have her talk to.

Hmmmm.  Maybe I do need therapy.

I’m already exhausted with the 2020 presidential campaign.  Can we have a show of hands of who’s NOT running? Aside from me, that is.  I’m still holding out for Emperor. Just write me in on the ballot.

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, unless you’re wearing a MAGA hat.  Then its open season in the media.

Speaking of innocent.  Watched “The Unforgiven” the other night.  What a great movie. Two of the best lines, all belong to Gene Hackman. One is, in response to English Bob’s remark “I heard you were dead.”  Little Bill (Hackman) says “ I heard that one too. Turns out I was just in Nebraska”. The other line is when the madam Alice says “you just beat the #$% out of an innocent man” and Little Bill says “ Innocent? . . . Innocent of what?”

It’s a shame that is the way we approach everything nowadays.  We’re all guilty of something. We just haven’t been found out yet.

I’m guilty.  Guilty of having priorities misplaced, misplaced loyalty, misplaced trust.  I foolishly believe in the Golden Rule. Wait that’s not right. I foolishly believe that if I adhere to the Golden Rule, others will in return.  How foolish of me.

And I’m tired.  Tired of having to be the one who always has to take the higher ground.  I know, my reward is in heaven, but can’t we get a little here on earth too?

Whooooo.  All better?  Meh.