Think about it. . .
Social Distancing. It IS an oxymoron.

Speaking of morons . . .
WHO THE HECK is still hording TOILET PAPER?!?!?! Its gone as soon as it hits the shelves. It could be that since the initial hoarders “eliminated” the initial supply on shelves, we’re all trying to play catch-up. Honestly, I live in a house where one resident has IBS (irritable bowl syndrome .. . don’t wish this on your worst enemy) and we don’t go thru that kinda toilet paper usage. Granted, people do say i’m full of it, so maybe i’m doing a different kinda hoarding.

WHO THE HECK is letting their kids hang out with other kids during this time?!?!?!? The whole point of keeping the kids home from school is to prevent the communal spread of this doggone stuff. Letting your little darlings have get-togethers, playing football (not with 6 foot distancing by-the-way, yes, I saw you guys the other day at the mobile home park) kinda defeats the purpose of this. I get it, both folks may still be working and not from home, but then its even more important to have a talk with your kids about why they need to obey this.l

WHO THE HECK is working at home, and bitching about it. As a guy who is still shlupping to the office every day (under duress btw) I’d like to know what you have to complain about. If I could do what I do in the mornings (and the jury is still out as to what exactly it is that I do, do) I would in a heartbeat. My wife would hate it, because I would be doing it outta my bed while she’s still trying to get a little shut eye. Before you start to gripe and moan about HAVING to be at home, think about those medical professionals, public safety personnel, and yes, grocery store workers, who would REALLY love not to see your smiling face (and the potential for contamination) but have to because THEY are not “expendable” Guess what . . . if you’re working from home .. . YOU are.

WHO THE HECK is making political hay outta this situation?!?!?! We are ALL in this TOGETHER! This damn virus doesn’t care if your Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Free-Soiler, Know-Nothing, or Himalayan Bagpiper. We are all going to sink or swim together. Those who try to create political advantage outta this right now should be dealt with the way the Romans did traitors, their noses cut off, sewn into a sack with a wild animal, and tossed into the river. There will be PLENTY of time to point fingers once this is over (i’m assuming that it will be over SOMETIME). Until then, lets all row in the same direction.

Do what you can to help. If you can’t help, at least dont add to the problem.

Stay Safe, and very far away from me. Don’t lick any doorknobs.