What’s The Deal With “Seasonal” Food?!?!?

I like food . . .

That’s not exactly a news flash to anyone who knows me, or has had to feed me in the past. Especially food at the holidays. Some of the best concoctions to cross the palate only show up around this time of year. For example . . .

Cranberry Relish . . . I love my wife’s cranberry relish. Don’t ask me what the recipe is, cause its all in her head. It involves frozen cranberries, some pineapple, and . . the rest is one of the great mysteries of life. Honestly, you could say it had cow lips in it. Wouldn’t bother me a bit. Its THAT GOOD! I know there are cranberries available (especially frozen ones) year round so what’s the hold-up? Maybe cow lips are not in season all year.

Stuffed Prunes . . . Don’t be hating until you try one. Its my mom’s recipe of stewed prunes stuffed with cream cheese and heavy cream. Nature’s little push-brooms never tasted soooooo good! But I can only seem to get them at Thanksgiving (sometimes Christmas). Lets face it, we could all use a little extra push with those big meals but what about the dead of winter, tax day, or make your own fireworks on July 4th?

Egg Nog . . . Now, whether you like it “mit or mit-out”, who doesn’t like Egg Nog. They even have Soy Nog for those who can’t handle dairy. And I make a mean raspberry Egg Nog (Mit). But try to find egg nog before mid November and after December 26. What, the eggs or their noggs only are ripe during that narrow window?

Maybe its the old adage, “absence make the heart grow fonder”. If we had these things year round, maybe it wouldn’t make the holidays so special. Like Christmas music. Don’t think we could handle Rockin Around the Christmas tree too many times during the rest of the year.

Still, maybe those businesses who have a “Christmas in July” sale are on to something . . .