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You May Hate Them, But They Do It Right

If you are one of those folks who wear their political leanings not only on their sleeve, but also on a flashing, siren sounding ball cap, turn around now.  This won’t end well.

For the rest of us reasonable folks, lets talk about Chick Fil-A.

While I appreciate their stance on being closed on Sundays so their employees can attend the house of worship of their choice, I REALLY appreciate their stance on customer service.

They get it.

No.  I’m not getting any payola for plugging them (although, if they would like to . . . .)

I have traveled this country hither and yon, and made stops at more than my fair share of fast food establishments and drive up windows.

They get it.

Regardless of time of day, location nationwide, I have ALWAYS been greeted inside and out by a cheerful voice, polite, and ACCURATE!   I have NEVER received an erroneous order from a Chick Fil-A. And the young people working behind the counter are polite, efficient and CHEERFUL!  Its like getting served dinner by UP WITH PEOPLE (remember them?).  It makes for an enjoyable dining experience.  You can sit at the drive up window (not for very long either, another GOLD STAR) and watch real teamwork at work.  No yelling, no snarky remarks, no angry or bored teens.

They get it.  Including my business.

Now there are other fine places, but none of them have the consistency of Chick Fil-A.

Maybe it has something to do with the kind of person who wants to work there.

So if you have a problem with their corporate policies,  that’s your prerogative as an American.

And it means more for me!