The Jasper County Sheriff’s Department is going to be hiring two additional part-time Advanced Life Support paramedics, to go along with the two that have already been on the job since early this year. The positions are paid for with Federal American Rescue Plan Act,  or so-called “ARPA” funding. Each part-time ALS qualified paramedic works six 12-hour shifts a month, from 8 a.m. to  8p.m.. Sheriff John Halferty says that’s when many volunteer EMT services in the County have trouble responding to calls….because the volunteers are working.   

With the two additional part-time paramedics, the County can cover 24 days out of the month instead of just 12. The Supervisors have given Sheriff Halferty the option to hire two more part-time paramedics as the need warrants. The paramedics are paid 19 to 22-dollars per hour. In January, the Board of Supervisors authorized this trial program through the end of December 2023.