United For Justice

A message from Alpha Media . . .

We have to acknowledge and admit that it is time to denounce systemic racism. It cannot be business as usual for Alpha. Because no matter if we tell ourselves that we do not discriminate on the basis of race, and despite the fact that we have policies that prohibit discrimination, we cannot stand aside if people around us are treated differently because of race.

The events of the last few weeks are reminding us that this is not a new problem but one that needs to be addressed right now. We have what many other companies do not have, a real medium for change. We should not and cannot allow it to go unused.

We pledge to use the power of our platform to spread facts, educate our communities, and condemn discrimination, injustice, or prejudice.

We are united in that we love the communities we live in. We are united in our love for broadcasting. We are united in the comfort that we have each other’s support. And today, we’re asking that we united for justice.

Take care and most of all, be kind.

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