Your Financial Advantage


November 2019 Feature: Jeff explains Cha-Ching Rewards Checking.


October 2019 Feature:  Jeff talks about the Open House/Grand Re-Opening of the credit union, and their expansion of the A’s That Pay program.


September 2019 Feature:  Jeff talks about the A’s That Pay program at ACU.


August 2019 Feature:  Jeff talks about the importance of credit monitoring.


July 2019 Feature:  Jeff gives an update on the credit union renovation and talks about some perks that come with refinancing your auto loan in the month of July.


June 2019 Feature:  Jeff explains 4 advantages to getting pre-approval for your next vehicle loan.


May 2019 Feature:  Jeff talks about how to use the R.A.I.N. method when buying a car.


April 2019 Feature:  Jeff talks about Tax Day, and different ways to invest your return money.


March 2019 Feature:  Jeff talks about ACU’s “people helping people” philosophy and their partnership with RSVP’s Jasper County Ride program.


February 2019 Feature:  Jeff touches on the Credit Union remodel which will take place over the next 6 months and has 6 ways for you to use your tax refund.


January 2019 Feature: Jeff talks about how your New Year’s Resolution should be to budget, save & invest in 2019.


December 2018 Feature: Jeff & Leslie talk about Loan Pre-Approval.


November 2018 Feature: Jeff, Jamie & Sarah talk about Advantage Credit Union being named Jasper County’s #1 Financial Institution, the difference between a credit union and a bank, Apple Pay and services like it, and the movie Heathers.


October 2018 Feature: Jeff talks about credit card debt.


September 2018 Feature: Jeff Holschuh talks about paying yourself first and making sure you are building a savings account.


August 2018 Feature: Jeff Holschuh  talks about the vicious cycle of debt from payday loans.


July 2018 Feature:  Jeff Holschuh  talks about different savings accounts that ACU offers, Debit Card Roundup, and an upcoming Dave Ramsey financial class.


June 2018 Feature: Jeff Holschuh with 7 ways to trick yourself into saving money.


May 2018 Feature: ACU member Amber talks about how she was saved from a bad loan with the help of the Loan Rangers.


April 2018 Feature: Jeff Holschuh talks about bankruptcy.


March 2018 Feature: Jeff Holschuh brings info on financial scams.


February 2018 Feature:  Jeff Holschuh talks with Jamie & Sarah about credit scores.